FI bill pay is at a crossroads — and at a virtual standstill. When it comes to the never-ending chore of monitoring and paying bills, consumers have made it clear that they will mix and match whatever payment methods are expedient, even if more would prefer to get the job done using bill pay. Javelin outlines conceivable and achievable bill pay innovations that are critical to consolidating bill pay relationships at the consumer’s primary FI, particularly in the mobile era.

They come in seven areas: 

1) Oversight
2) Ease of transacting
3) Cash-flow projections
4) Money movement
5) P2P payments to housemates
6) Security empowermen
7) Insight and advice

Join Javelin as we answers the following questions:

  • What are the top priorities for FIs seeking to reinvent bill pay?
  • What kinds of features should digital strategists build?
  • How would these features benefit consumers?
  • What segments of consumers would benefit from these upgrades?

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