As overall identity fraud losses climbed to $56 billion (USD) in 2020, two types of attack vectors emerged – traditional identity fraud and scams.

Moderated by Javelin’s Tracy Kitten, a panel of experts will discuss how the shift to remote transactions during the pandemic irreversibly altered the fraud landscape. Consumers, increasingly vulnerable and fed up with fraud, are demanding more from their financial institutions.

Participants in this webinar will learn:

  • How consumer education is key to curbing identity fraud • How advanced authentication (e.g. biometrics) may soon take the place of passwords
  • Why consumer attitudes toward fraud management are shifting • Why consumers are demanding stepped-up security at their financial institution
  • How fraud is driving a new call to action for all players in the financial ecosystem

The following thought leaders will share their ideas and engage in a lively discussion:

  • Kathy Stokes, Director, Fraud Prevention Programs, AARP
  • Eric Kraus, Vice President and General Manager of fraud, risk and compliance, FIS
  • Paige Schaffer, CEO of Global Identity & Cyber Protection, Generali Global Assistance
  • Cindy White, Chief Marketing Officer, Mitek
  • David Henstock, Vice President of Identity Products, Visa​

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