2014 was a banner year for payment data breaches, with 5.9 million consumers experienced both a card breach and fraud. Securing payment data is now a requirement for any new foray into mobile payments. Tokenization is a natural fit for the rampant introduction of new mobile payment solutions. But tokenization has been and will continue to be a contentious issue due to cost and control concerns.

>Join Javelin as we examine how tokenization solutions will be implemented and what roles stakeholders will have in the near future. The implications of mass adoption will have a substantial effect on not only the security of payments for years to come, but also the customer relationship and ever-important bottom line. The webinar will examine:

  • What role will issuer tokenization play in mobile payments, along with other forms and channels of payment?
  • How does issuer tokenization affect the use of merchant tokenization solutions?
  • What are the risks associated with various approaches to issuer tokenization?

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