Join us as Javelin Strategy & Research announces its Top Trends for 2013 for Financial Services, transforming banking, mobile, payments and security. These trends highlight a rapidly evolving arena in which mobile devices, the trusted role of protecting consumer’s information and even the actions of merchants with the implementation of the Durbin Amendment have a hand in guiding change in 2013. During this webinar, Javelin’s senior analysts will present several key predictions for 2013, including:

  • With an endless list of players emerging to create a financial snapshot for the consumer, how should FIs maintain their role as a trusted partner of consumer information?
  • How does the next evolution of banking—omnichannel—work? As consumers can select any device or channel they want, what marketing, branding, security, and competitive challenges will this pose for FIs?
  • As mobile devices provide a new attack vector for hackers, what strategies, partnerships and competitive stances can FIs and other organizations take against this increasing mobile security threats?
  • As the Durbin Amendment has been a game changer for retailers, what do we expect from merchants control over payment options and expenses in 2013? What strategies should FIs and traditional card networks implement to continue to evolve payment options?