There’s no escaping the necessity of paying bills, but consumers do have a choice in how they pay them. Increasingly, that comes down to two digital choices: pay the biller directly or make the payment through a bank or credit union.

Join Javelin as we:

  • Track the $4.1 trillion in play for 13 common bills in 2016.
  • Examine what’s at stake for financial institutions, billers, fintech vendors, and innovative players.
  • Examine the common hypotheses 1) that FI bill pay is “losing” to the biller direct model, and 2) that Millennials will permanently shift the balance in favor of paying billers directly.
  • Showcase why upgrading bill pay should be a strategic priority for FIs.

NOTE: This is a client ONLY Javelin Advisory Services webinar. Please use your company email address to register for the webinar. We do not accept generic email addresses, such as yahoo and gmail