In 2020, account origination and account takeover fraud cost organizations and consumers over $9 billion. Each fraud event can severely jeopardize your customer relationships and lifetime value.

Businesses must balance the need to guard against increasingly sophisticated account-based fraud tactics with consumer expectations for frictionless, secure experience. That balance begins with identity-based authentication.

Identity-based authentication practices help financial services organizations differentiate between threat actors and legitimate account holders--without imposing undue friction on customers accessing their accounts and services. Join Neustar and Javelin for this session to learn more about identity-based authentication, and why these methods are being adopted by forward-thinking organizations:

  • How step-up authentication separates legitimate interactions from potential fraudsters during account openings
  • How criminals cultivate new account fraud using synthetic identities
  • How to use identity-based authentication to detect and prevent account takeover fraud
  • Models for success as organizations work to reduce false positives and manual review rates


John Buzzard
Lead Analyst, Fraud & Security
Javelin Strategy & Research

Chris Decancq