EMV, Mobile and the Promise of More Accurate Card Authorizations

Webinar: Client Login Required
Presenter(s): Al Pascual
Fraud remains a serious danger in the U.S., but transactions wrongly declined due to suspected fraud — known as a “false positive” — may represent just as big a threat. Javelin estimates it resulted in $118 billion in falsely declined transactions.
This webinar explores the new areas of imaging that can enhance the experience and strategies to deliver an end-to-end mobile banking experience.
In this webinar we share strategies for how FIs and technology providers can distinguish themselves to small merchants. We also explore the role of mobile proximity payments, which may be a catalyst for upgrading their terminal infrastructure.
This webinar explores the outlook for impending changes in fraudsters’ schemes and tips on how businesses can help in the fight against identity theft.

How to Stand out in a Crowded Identity Protection Market

Javelin Report
Presenter(s): Al Pascual, Kyle Marchini
This webinar explores consumer adoption of ID protection services and the needs of key customer segments. We also share strategies for how providers can distinguish themselves in a market crowded with complimentary protections services.
Digital banking is a way of life, yet only 2 of 5 bank statements are delivered digitally. Financial institutions and billers have tremendous opportunities to close this “digital commitment gap,” saving over $2.2 billion over the next five years.

Gamification Leads to Stronger Consumer Security Habits

Webinar: Client Login Required
Presenter(s): Al Pascual, Kyle Marchini
Whenever the topic of fraud prevention appears, it is accompanied by hand-wringing over customers’ lax security habits. It is not that consumers do not care about security – on the contrary, they are quite alarmed by identity fraud and the growing...

Rising Tide of Mobile-First Bankers

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The move to mobile is happening faster than anticipated and profoundly changing banking in the process. The number of weekly mobile bankers now equals that of customers who use the branch for deposits, a sea change of almost 53 million consumers in...
Almost 13 million consumers became a victim of identity fraud. Coupled with over 780 breaches in the U.S., consumers have a growing need for a trusted organization to become their identity “super hero.” Similarly, financial institutions are facing...
The milestone of EMV liability shift in October is just around the corner and there remains a significant gulf between cardholders with EMV cards and perhaps more significantly, cardholders that KNOW they have EMV cards. How are banks and credit...


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