Cash, Check or Mobile POS?

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Mobile POS (point of sale) acceptance is posing a growing threat to traditional terminal based solutions and vendors providing the existing functionality of a terminal at lower processing fees and easier application processes.

Mobile and Prepaid Opens New ‘POS-sibilities’ for In-Store Retail

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The growing popularity of the digital realm has fundamentally altered the nature of the POS, as brick-and-mortar retailers have had to embrace elements of mobile and online channels in order to remain competitive.

Uncovering the Underbanked's Bill Pay Potential

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Presenter(s): Mark Schwanhausser
When it comes to paying bills, too often the nation’s 37 million underbanked Americans do it the hard and costly way--in cash and in person.
As the smartphone-toting population crosses the 50% barrier, there are opportunities and challenges to rethink and re-imagine new imaging services to bridge the mobile transaction gap.
Fraud is on the rise as the volume of security threats in online and mobile channels is growing exponentially.
In 2012, account takeover and new account fraud each rose by approximately 50% over the previous year. These two fraud types impact consumers most severely.
Since Apple launched the iPhone six years ago, smartphones have imbued consumers with always-on, always-with-me, real-time expectations.
Leading rewards and loyalty programs deepen participant value enabling customers to use accumulated points toward purchases.
Mobile banking gained 10 million new users in 2012. Smartphones continue to surge in adoption over feature phones. Rising tablet adoption of more than double in the next five years promises to transform mobile banking once again. What will the...

Mobile Security: Cat and Mouse Game for $20B Mobile Payments Market

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Presenter(s): Al Pascual
U.S. mobile payments grown to $20 billion, increasingly attracted the attention of sophisticated hackers.


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