Whose Biometric is it Anyway?

October 2017
Presenter(s): Al Pascual
During this webinar, Javelin and Jumio will explore the implications of growing adoption of biometrics in digital channels and how accurately assessing the identity of the individual enrolling in a biometric solution is critical to the basis of...

Why FIs Can Win in the Digital Bill Pay Market

Webinar: Client Login Required
September 2017
There’s no escaping the necessity of paying bills, but consumers do have a choice in how they pay them. Increasingly, that comes down to two digital choices: pay the biller directly or make the payment through a bank or credit union.

Reinventing Success in Credit Card Lending

Webinar: Client Login Required
September 2017
Join Javelin as we explore the business model of card issuers, specifically the difference between the prime/super-prime and subprime businesses, and how they are coming under an increasing level of pressure.
Join JAVELIN and EZShield to learn more about the needs of small businesses and explore how banks can counter fraud and mitigate its effects on profitable small business banking relationships.
Join Javelin as we examine where chat bot capabilities show the greatest potential now—from meeting real-time servicing expectations to enhancing the overall mobile banking experience— and whether bots can ultimately succeed in engaging customers in...

Banks Undercover: The Risks and Opportunities of Dark Web Intelligence

Webinar: Client Login Required
August 2017
Presenter(s): Al Pascual, Sean Sposito
Join Javelin as we explore how FIs gather fraud and security intelligence, and the thorny issues that can occur when FIs go undercover.
Join JAVELIN and EZShield as they explore the identity fraud challenges faced by these different segments of consumers, along with the implications of fraud and best practices for protecting each segment from the prolific threat of identity fraud.

Building a Foundation of Trust in Banking

Webinar: Client Login Required
June 2017
Presenter(s): Al Pascual, Kyle Marchini
Banking is fundamentally an industry of trust. Without a foundation of reliability, financial institutions will see their accountholders flee to competitors. Without established goodwill with accountholders, FIs will struggle to deepen financial...
Join Javelin and Gro Solutions as we uncover where institutions are falling short and highlight how to turn digital window shoppers into buyers – and to position your financial institution as the first place they’ll turn for more financial products...
Adoption of financial alerts is growing at a remarkable pace as financial institutions expand their use of email, text, and push notifications to fight fraud and empower customers to oversee their finances. But the industry is at a turning point...


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