Javelin Online Banking Awards


Javelin’s Online Banking Scorecard enables financial institutions to identify features that will enable them to achieve two key strategic goals; to serve as their customers’ primary FI for transactions, and to build trusted, advice-driven relationship that leads to being their customers’ first choice when they shop for additional financial products and services.


This competitive analysis of 28 of the nation’s top retail financial institutions examines more than 225 online banking features that contribute to banking success: Ease of use, Security Empowerment, Financial Fitness, Money Movement, Customer Service, and Account Opening.


Javelin’s annual Online Banking Scorecard is an ambitious tool designed to help digital decision-makers in three ways:


  1. To identify digital banking principles that should influence decisions about features that can boost satisfaction, in-crease sales, connect customers and bankers at opportune moments, and transform the customer experience.
  2. To prioritize upgrades and maximize fintech investments so the online channel is more than a collection of features for self-guided consumers.
  3. To build customer trust by serving as a proactive adviser on a lifelong financial journey, a role that will position an FI at the head of the line when customers shop for financial products.


Javelin Online Banking Awards

2018 Javelin Online Banking Awards


Award Whitepaper: 2018 Online Banking Award Winners Announced


Companion Report: 2018 Online Banking Scorecard:
Javelin Spotlights FIs That Do It Best
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2017 Javelin Online Banking Awards


Award Whitepaper: 2017 Online Banking Award Winners Announced


Companion Report: 2017 Online Banking Scorecard:
Prioritize Features That Deliver Financial Control and Build Trust
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2016 Javelin Online Banking Awards


Award Whitepaper: 2016 Online Banking Award Winners Announced


Companion Report: 2016 Online Banking Scorecard:
Redesigning Online Banking as a Financial Journey
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