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Stay ahead of threats to protect accounts and keep customer data safe.

Effectively mitigating fraud and securing customer data, especially in banking and payments, can provide tremendous competitive advantages in our rapidly evolving, technology-oriented society. ​The expert, actionable insights of Javelin’s analysts guide banks, credit unions and fintech firms as they innovate and position themselves to be fraud and security leaders. With Javelin, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of these critical areas:

  • Fraud risk management           
  • Identity protection services
  • Merchant fraud
  • Cybersecurity and breach remediation
  • Biometrics and behaviometrics
  • Mobile banking and payment security


This whitepaper, sponsored by RSA explores the challenges faced by fraud practitioners in effectively communicating fraud threats and trends to senior leadership, along with best practices in the financial services and retail industries for securing...
2016 will be remembered as a banner year for fraudsters as numerous measures of identity fraud reached new heights, with 15.4 million fraud victims in 2016 — the highest on record. And while losses increased by a relatively modest $700 million...
In 2015, nearly 1 million accountholders switched primary financial institutions as a result of fraud. Poorly handled by the victim’s FI, fraud can prove a tremendously disruptive event. Conversely, quick detection and pain-free resolution can...
Bitcoin — and by extension its blockchain — has captivated the financial industry. On paper, a private version of the virtual currency’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) could be a common-sense replacement for an array of traditional networks...
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