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Wealth Accounts at Increasing Risk of Scams and Cyber Takeovers

Join Tracy Kitten and Greg O’Gara as they discuss how scams and cyber takeovers are targeting wealth accounts, and steps financial advisors must take to ensure wealth clients and accounts are protected.

Generative AI in Small-Business Banking: The Race Is On

Generative AI is poised to reshape small-business banking. While pioneers like Intuit, Block, and PayPal lead with AI-driven tools, traditional banks lag behind in experimentation. Yet, 38% of business owners already embrace generative AI, signa...

Anti-Fraud Strategies to Combat Payments Fraud in the Age of AI

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in both creating and combating financial fraud, understanding the dynamics of this landscape is crucial. Fraudsters are increasingly using AI to advance their schemes, with projec...

2024 Identity Fraud Study: Resolving the Shattered Identity Crisis

Identity fraud is a growing concern for businesses and consumers, and the current landscape is marked by a series of events that create a chain reaction, influencing multiple outcomes. Javelin, with its two-decade-old identity fraud analysis, co...

Ongoing Onboarding: The Antidote for Disengaged, Unprofitable Customers

Banks and credit unions have poured resources into the account opening journey to streamline the process from “Apply Now” to “Funds Accepted.” But it’s the onboarding process that comes afterward that will truly dictate whether new applicants wi...

Movements in Global Commercial Payments and Banking: 2024 Edition

Join Albert Bodine and Ryan Cole as they discuss how instant payments will affect commercial enterprises, the safety of non-systemically important banks, and how cross-border payments will change in the near term.

Tokenizing the Real World

The topic of tokenizing real world assets (RWA) has been in the spotlight recently.  What makes this time different? Join James Wester and Joel Hugentobler as they discuss the topic of tokenization.

The Mobile Transaction Ledger: ​ It’s Broke, ​ So Just Fix It​

Reviewing transactions is the second-most-frequent digital banking task behind monitoring balances. Checking account ledgers in mobile banking is a crucial forum for turning fleeting glance-and-go interactions into deeper engagement.

Wealth Management: 2024 Trends and Predictions

Join Javelin’s Greg O'Gara and Dylan Lerner as they discuss important digital wealth management trends in 2024.

Driving Consumer Payment Performance

Join Javelin’s Brian Riley, Elisa Tavilla, and Sophia Gonzalez as they walk us through essential metrics driving consumer payment performance.