Financial institutions (FIs) are driving towards a future where there’s little difference between online and offline banking. In that world where the edge of a firm’s business is better defined by an omni-channel experience than just its brick-and-mortar branches, information security is a customer-facing service. It’s a quality issue. And, most importantly, it is a potential driver of the bottom line — not just an internal function -- protecting against malicious infections and insider threats. 

It’s all a part of the covenant our industry keeps with retail banking customers. In the New Year, Javelin expects: 

  • Criminal communities – with various motivations, financial and political – using disinformation over social media channels to confuse and affect the behavior of banks and their customers. 
  • FIs, payments providers, and networks to increasingly fuse their fraud and information security detection and prevention functions to create cohesive teams focused on upending innovative, digital financial crime. 
  • Digital identity providers to employ non-consensus, private blockchains to manage customers’ privacy over complex ecosystems of retailers, banks, and payment schemes.