Gen Z — the cohort of consumers born since 1995 — is beginning to come of age. As its members enter college and the workforce and encounter the financial challenges that come with adulthood, they’re already showing signs that they’re a unique and compelling generation that should be thought of as more than merely an extension of Gen Y. In fact, new Javelin data indicate Gen Z is already extremely financially savvy and active, will treat mobile as a workhorse, and will be the first generation to demand digital tools that demonstrate an FI is a financial partner.

This report delves into the unprecedented historical and cultural moment into which Gen Z is emerging and explores what the implications are for digital banking strategists, marketers, and executives. It will be vital for banks to understand this generation and pivot accordingly; the banking industry is experiencing rapid consolidation to the top banks in the country, and it’s only a matter of a few years before Gen Z follows its Gen Y counterparts.


The consumer data in this report was primarily collected from the following:

  • A random-sample survey of 10,375 respondents conducted online in June 2018
    • 957 Gen Z respondents
  • A random-sample survey of 2,129 respondents conducted online in November 2017
    • 154 Gen Z respondents
  • A random-sample survey of 10,768 respondents conducted online in May 2017
    • 809 Gen Z respondents