Neobanks Marcus and HMBradley have the late-mover advantage of joining the retail banking market with a fresh take. These two banks have a modern business model with a classic customer offering: high interest rates. They target behavioral traits that are common in customers with expected high lifetime value. In doing so, these two upstart banks are stocking up desirable customers for such future moves as offering wealth and robo-advisory services.

Marcus and HMBradley attract these digitally savvy, savings-oriented, proactive customers with a select combination of metrics and tools. The neobanks use gamification to steer app interaction and to nurture good financial behaviors with empowering digital tools. Thus, they aim to maintain customer top-of-mind consideration involving savings.

Key questions discussed in this report:

  • What does a neobank app look like when it is not on a mad grab for customers but rather is a honed appeal for a select target market?
  • What are the unifying characteristics of Marcus and HMBradley and how do they use gamification to enhance their offerings?
  • How can specific digital tools attract and nurture customers with specific behavioral traits?
  • What are real banking examples of the four stages of the gamification pathway?
  • What lessons do Marcus and HMBradley offer bankers?