Mobile deposit has become the “killer app” for mobile banking. Almost 6 in 10 mobile bankers use the service and give it high satisfaction rates. Almost 1 in every 4 customers say they go to their mobile devices first when they access their primary account (23%). Now it’s time for FIs to consider connecting the dots with an end-to-end mobile banking experience: using imaging for authentication and enrollment, mobile deposit, mobile balance transfers for switching, mobile photo bill payment, mobile funding, purchasing, and organizing receipts. This report looks at the current state of mobile deposit and mobile imaging services, presents the likelihood of adoption for newer services, and identifies devices and segments to target and best practices for a successful launch.

Primary Questions:

  • How many customers are currently using mobile deposit or mobile loading for cards?
  • How many are likely to use other advanced mobile imaging services such as mobile authentication, mobile bill payment, mobile receipting, and credit card comparisons (mobile switch kits)?
  • Which customer segments should FIs target?
  • What factors hold customers back from using imaging services?
  • How are FIs managing fraud and security issues?

Companies Mentioned:

Amazon Capital One Malauzai
American Express Chase Microsoft
Apple Citibank PNC
Atom Bank Early Warning RIM
Bank of America Federal Reserve Board Sun Trust
Bank of the West Fifth Third TD Bank
BankMobile Google U.S. Bank
BB&T Intuit USAA
BBVA Compass Kofax Wells Fargo



Most of the consumer data in this report is based on information gathered from multiple Javelin surveys conducted in 2014 and 2015. Data was gathered and weighted to reflect a representational sample of U.S. adult consumers.

  • A random-sample panel of 8,525 consumers in an April 2015 survey. 
  • A random-sample panel of 6,000 consumers in a November 2014 survey. 
  • A random-sample panel of 3,200 consumers in a November 2014 survey.
  • A random-sample panel of 3,100 consumers in a September 2014 survey. 
  • A random-sample panel of 3,225 consumers in a July 2014 survey.