As small and micro businesses continue to grow in the U.S., online banking platforms are becoming integral to how they conduct their business day after day. In this report, Javelin examines how frequently small and micro businesses log on to their online banking services; this indicates the importance of the service to their businesses. The report reviews the type of online banking platform used (retail, small business, or large commercial) and the businesses’ attitudes toward the service. Specifically, businesses are asked whether they would pay for the online banking platform and whether they would like to see their personal financial information integrated or viewable along with their business banking.

Key questions discussed in this report:

  • How frequently do micro and small businesses log onto their online banking service?
  • Do small businesses value their online banking platform from their primary bank? 
  • If required, would small businesses pay for the online banking service?
  • Is there an opportunity to integrate personal finances from the business owner along with the small business finances for online banking?