Javelin Strategy & Research Uncovers How the Underbanked “Bank” Outside of the Bank

San Francisco, CA, March 6, 2013– When it comes to paying bills, too often the nation’s 37 million underbanked American’s do it using hard and costly ways: in cash, and in person, by mail, or by phoning call center’s. Javelin Strategy & Research’s latest report How to Build Better Online and Mobile Bill-Pay for the Underbanked outlines opportunities for financial institutions, billers, mobile carriers, and bill-pay innovators to enhance the online and mobile options with electronic payments for this underserved population. This report provides a four-part profile of underbanked Americans—those without a checking account. The report also includes an analysis of how they typically pay seven of the most common bills and recommendations for motivating them to increase the use of online and mobile bill payments.

1305J.Underbanked_Young_Lower_Income“The underbanked are not a homogenous group that can be easily targeted with a one-size fits all approach,” said Mark Schwanhausser, Director – Multichannel Financial Services at Javelin Strategy & Research. “FIs and bill pay innovators need to realize that there is a win-win ROI opportunity to improve bill payment services and cut processing costs by better understanding and targeting the 15% of Americans who are underbanked.”

When it comes to paying bills, the underbanked are just like Americans at large. They want safe and convenient ways to control the flow of payments. As a result, persuading the underbanked to try paying bills online or on their smartphones is likely to be similar marketing and educational themes that motivates consumers at large.

Javelin Strategy & Research’s How to Build Better Online and Mobile Bill-Pay for the Underbanked evaluates the profile of the underbanked community, what payment methods and channels the group prefers when paying bills, and provides FIs and bill-pay organizations with insight into how to effectively enhance and market online and mobile bill-pay services to this underserved population. It is based on the analysis of four online surveys of more than 17,000 consumers. The report contains 35 pages and 13 graphs.

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