The alternative lending industry has sprung up during a highly favorable credit environment and a period of economic growth, and there are already signs that contraction is ahead. Yet no matter what happens in the near-term, the alternative lending industry is here to stay and is filling significant gaps in how banks serve small business customers.

Join Javelin as we explore how alternative lenders have carved out a market based on smarter credit decisioning, speedier access to funds, a sleek user experience, and contextual marketing. We will share strategies for banks to compete and seize a tremendous opportunity for lending revenue and relationship growth with small business customers.

We will answer:

  • How can banks build, buy, or partner with alternative lenders to address the market?
  • Are alternative lenders poised to disrupt lending as we know it?
  • Why have alternative lenders grown so quickly?
  • What advantages and gaps have they exploited?

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