By 2019, nearly 90 million mobile wallet users will be providing a valuable stream of interchange revenue and transaction data for wallet providers. Offering a mobile wallet is a competitive move that financial institutions (FIs) and issuers simply cannot ignore. Similarly, the mobile wallet is a key target for fraudsters attracted by the allure of credit cards and weaker fraud mitigation. A clear path through the mobile wallet landscape has not been revealed for avoiding major fraud pitfalls. New approaches and technologies hold the promise — and none too soon. 

Join Javelin to explore key lessons from early Apple Pay fraud case. We will also examine new technology applications that have promise to help FIs and issuers mitigate fraud and assure consumers as to the security of this new and burgeoning payment method. 

The webinar will address: 

  • Some early challenges of managing mobile wallet fraud risk. 
  • How mobile wallet fraud will affect adoption. 
  • Factors that will influence the rate of mobile wallet fraud in the future. 
  • The available technology solutions or analytical approaches that hold the most promise for preventing mobile wallet fraud. 

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