To avoid missing revenue opportunities, financial institutions need to make P2P payments a priority in 2019. Whether that includes supporting Zelle, a third party, or possibly not offering P2P at all needs to be determined. A key aspect of this evaluation centers on identifying behavioral and demographic differences among P2P users. Join Javelin as we explore six P2P segments in the market today, each with their own unique characteristics. Understanding these segments is paramount, if P2P payments are included in the payment strategy. This webinar will cover the key areas payment professionals need to consider as P2P becomes a key component of a payment mix strategy.

Key questions this webinar will answer:

  • What are the differences between consumers who use Zelle, a third party, both, or neither?
  • What options do financial institutions have available?
  • What are best practices to increase adoption and utilization?
  • How is a business case evaluated to determine whether P2P should be a component of the payment mix strategy?

NOTE: This is a client ONLY Javelin Advisory Services webinar. Please use your company email address to register for the webinar. We do not accept generic email addresses, such as yahoo and gmail