If you are walking down Main Street in a small town and see a marble building rising a few blocks away, you immediately know that it is — or was — a bank. There’s a reason that banks almost invariably were built like this. The marble front projects an air of solidity, security, and trust. The ephemeral storefront provided by websites and mobile apps has no such assurance, making accountholders’ trust even more crucial in 2017 than it was in 1917.

Banking is fundamentally an industry of trust. Without a foundation of reliability, financial institutions will see their accountholders flee to competitors. Without established goodwill with accountholders, FIs will struggle to deepen financial relationships. Depending on how FIs respond, fraud can either be an opportunity to bolster accountholders’ faith in their bank or credit union or undermine it dramatically.

Join Javelin as we explore:

  • How trust in banking impacts financial relationships
  • The most significant underlying drivers of trust in financial institutions
  • How fraud and breaches impact victims’ view of their bank or credit union
  • Strategies to build a multifaceted approach to engage with accountholders and bolster trust in your institution

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