Data breaches, EMV, and mobile payments are key issues affecting the security of payment card data, including credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards.  Managing each will require overcoming considerable challenges.  Criminals are seizing on lax data security to compromise card data at an alarming rate, placing consumers and financial institutions at odds with merchants over the aftermath.  

Join Al Pascual as he examines how data breaches, mobile wallets, and EMV are driving security risks for payment card data for financial institutions.  

Join us to explore …

  • The actions which consumers and financial institutions are taking in response to breaches in the retail industry.
  • The impediments to the rollout of EMV and how they impact the security of card data.
  • The security issues card issuers and networks face due to mobile wallets.
  • The potential effect of the financial industry’s response to mobile wallets.