Mobile POS (point of sale) acceptance is posing a growing threat to traditional terminal based solutions and vendors providing the existing functionality of a terminal at lower processing fees and easier application processes. Mobile POS has the capacity to attract all merchant tiers: from small self?employed cash?only vendors to the largest big?box U.S. retailers.  What is the potential size of the card acceptance market when mobile POS terminals are installed?  Who are the consumer segments to target for early adoption?

Join Javelin’s industry analyst, Mary Monahan, as she highlights the understanding of this crowded mobile POS marketplace to drive consumer adoption.  Mary will share insights from 14 mobile POS terminal solution providers, highlight best practices for driving the payment acceptance among merchants, and present the mobile card acceptance U.S. dollar market potential.  

During this webinar Mary will address:  

  • What is the merchant market potential for mobile POS solutions?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks to mobile POS over terminal-based solutions?
  • Who are the key providers of mobile POS and how do their service and strategies differ?
  • How do consumers view the security of mobile POS?