In an ideal world, consumers should be able to open a bank account in one easy, straight-through online or mobile session. The reality is the majority of applicants touch multiple channels as they research products, initiate applications, seek help, and submit documentation. Few financial institutions can deliver on either goal.

For an applicant, weak account opening results in a disappointing experience that can undermine the long-term relationship. For bankers, it means much more: lost deals, wasteful processes, and missed opportunities to onboard sought-after customers like Millennials to boost sales and digital engagement.\Join Javelin and Gro Solutions as we uncover where institutions are falling short and highlight how to turn digital window shoppers into buyers – and to position your financial institution as the first place they’ll turn for more financial products and services. 

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • What channels consumers most often turn to today for the five steps of account opening: to research accounts, initiate applications, provide documentation, seek assistance or advice, and complete the process.
  • Why digital channels continue to fall far short of the branch benchmark for completing the process in a single session within one channel.
  • How banks can lift conversion rates and dramatically increase customer engagement by better integrating key pieces of their digital account opening process.

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Gro Solutions