In 2020 alone, total combined fraud climbed to $56 billion, with identity fraud scams accounting for $43 billion of that cost, according to Javelin’s 2021 Identity Fraud Study. Due to the shift to remote working and the rise in digital purchases, consumers became prime targets for scammers. Moreover, when fraud occurs – no matter the cause – consumers turn to trusted institutions to help resolve the issue and make things right. But when consumers feel neglected during the resolution process, customer attrition tends to be the result.

In this webinar, Iris Global Identity & Cyber Protection powered by Generali, Javelin, and a panel of expert thought leaders will provide the audience with an in-depth analysis of the shifting landscape of identity fraud. The seasoned panel will also offer guidance to help businesses strengthen customer loyalty as well as tips and resources they can share with their customers to help mitigate their risk.