With the meteoric growth of smartphone and tablet adoption and the highly touted Apple Watch rollout, push notifications will be central to consumers’ lives sooner than many expect. Javelin forecasts that financial alerts will reach more than half the online population and supplanting text alerts as the No. 2 form of alert by 2019. But here’s the risk: Financial institutions must compete with the clutter from non-bank app notifications including social media, calendars, games, and much more – and that won’t be easy.

Join Mark Schwanhausser and Ian Benton as they share strategies for banking notifications to stand out from the rest of the notifications, as well as a critique of design flaws in current banking notifications.

They will explore:

  • The critical factors behind Javelin’s forecast for push notifications.
  • How FI notifications can stand out amid the notifications from all the other apps consumers use.
  • How smartwatches and other wearables will change the market dynamics for bank push notifications and other alerts.
  • Design flaws that make it difficult for consumers to find and set notifications on mobile banking apps.