October 17, 2019

10:00am-10:45:00am PT/ 1:00pm-1:45pmET

Zelle has forced its way onto the shortlist for near-term investments in digital banking and payments. More FIs are providing Zelle, consumer adoption is growing, and the set of features is expanding. Although Zelle has worked successfully to create a uniform customer experience across FIs, Zelle FIs still can do much more individually to grow usage, boost satisfaction, and drive engagement with P2P.

Join Tyler Brown and Mark Schwanhausser as they discuss how FIs can advance their Zelle offerings to provide a superior customer experience. 

Learn more about:
• Five strategic principles that should guide the development of the Zelle customer experience.
• Three tactical deficiencies that FIs should prioritize.
• Best practices, using screenshots from top U.S banks.



Tyler Brown
Research Analyst, Digital Banking

Mark Schwanhausser
Director, Digital Banking

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