Payment card controls have long provided an empowering story for consumers who seek on-the-go control of their debit and credit cards. But for too long card controls languished as financial institutions struggled to build a satisfying experience and a realistic, profitable business case. In 2019, however, improving technology is changing the landscape – putting card controls in position to be a foundational element of Javelin’s Consumer Financial Enablement Strategy.

Join Krista Tedder and Mark Schwanhausser as they examine the challenges and rewards of launch card controls, including:

  1. Which consumers are prime targets for card controls and which features you should prioritize.
  2. How to overcome technical challenges
  3. How Javelin’s Consumer Financial Enablement Strategy delivers benefits in three critical areas of digital banking: Security Empowerment, Financial Fitness, and Customer Service.
  4. Recommendations for 2019

This Javelin Advisory webinar provides context and commentary on the recently released Payment Card Controls: Overcoming Impediments Through a Consumer Financial Enablement Strategy.

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