As online merchants attract legitimate growing number of customers, fraudsters are also increasingly moving online. In fact in 2015, card-not-present (CNP) fraud once again overtook point-of-sale (POS) as the most prevalent channel for card misuse, affecting 6 million U.S. consumers. 

Consumers that are victims of CNP fraud will often reduce both their use of the compromised card and their patronage of a particular merchant. How do issuers and merchants combat this growing type of fraud without sacrificing the customer relationship or increasing fiction in the shopping experience? 

Join Javelin and Gemalto as we explore the impacts of both fraud and false positive transactions on top of wallet status. During this webinar, we will answer: 

• What is the impact to the bottom line 
• How do mobile payments complicate CNP fraud 
• How can issuers and merchants reduce CNP fraud 
• What role does data breaches play in facilitating CNP fraud 
• What are solutions for migitigating CNP fraud in order to protect the customer relationship 

This complimentary webinar is sponsored by Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, enabling banks, enterprises and organizations around the world to offer trusted digital services to billions of people.