Financial institutions occupy a privileged position as the trustees of their customers’ identities. This sacred position can provide FIs with a platform to engage their customers, increase security and guide customers’ financial health.  Unfortunately, many factors outside of the financial institution’s immediate control can erode this customer trust. Data breaches, black market sale of customer information, and the resurgence of new-account fraud (NAF) are just a few. While NAF primarily occurs at other institutions, these identity fraud victims are nearly twice as likely as other victims to distrust their primary FI’s ability to protect them from fraud loss.

Join Javelin and EZShield as we explore what features and partnerships financial institutions need to have, including credit monitoring, black market monitoring, and other anti-fraud capabilities.

During this webinar, we will answer:

  • What are the big fraud threats that are looming on the horizon that will impact the bank’s prized customers?
  • What financial and credit advice services do consumers naturally seek from their FI that can be leveraged for other complimentary anti-fraud services?
  • How can empowering customers and delivering services transparently build stronger relationships between FIs and their customers—while also opening the door to revenue opportunities?


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