Notable financial institutions (FI), technology vendors, and app developers such as Barclays, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, Fiserv, and PayPal are experimenting to demonstrate that wearables such as Google Glass and smartwatches can deliver financial alerts, pay for goods and services, and give consumers greater digital control over their finances. Wearables present an immediate opportunity for FIs that can embrace inevitable experimental setbacks and capitalize on breakthroughs.

Join Mark Schwanhausser and Ian Benton as they explore current technologies such as Google Glass, smartwatches, and fitness bands and how FI investment should be targeted as wearable technology evolves. Learn what pre-requisites will need to be met for wearables to become integral to the consumer’s shopping and banking behaviors.

Join us to examine questions such as…

  • What can FIs do today to anticipate the growing set of functionalities wearables present?
  • How will wearables evolve beyond today’s smartwatches, Google Glass, and fitness bands?
  • What financial features are likely to gain traction with consumers first?