Drawing on Javelin’s Digital Banking Maturity Path, this initial report provides banks with a strategic roadmap to help understand where mobile banking has grown beyond being just a tool for transactional updates and interactions. We examine 34 principles that are critical to ensuring customer satisfaction with mobile banking experiences, organized into six categories: 1) Ease of Use, 2) Security Empowerment, 3) Financial Fitness, 4) Money Movement, 5) Customer Service, and 6) Account Opening. Within each category, we also note where Javelin expects to see greater bank support in 2018, and we call attention to other important areas that are stagnating and in need of greater investment. 

Key questions discussed in this report?
  • How satisfied are consumers overall with mobile banking functionality?
  • Where will the mobile banking experience change the most in 2018?
  • Which new features have emerged as mobile banking “must-haves”?
  • What high-value features are still missing from many apps?

Companies Mentioned: Bank of America, Chase, Credit Karma,Facebook, USAA, Wells Fargo, Zelle


Consumer data in this report is based primarily on information collected in a panel of 10,768 consumers in an online survey conducted in May 2017. The margin of sampling error is ± 0.94% at the 95% confidence level.