Oct 8, 2015

JAVELIN Examines Forefront of Change in P2P and Forecasts Mobile P2P Users

San Francisco, CA, October 8, 2015:  The rise of mobile banking and social media, especially among Millennials, is giving consumers the ability to “talk and transact” in the same conversation. To the chagrin of many bankers, sending money person-to-person (P2P) has also gone from expensive to cheap or free. It is forcing many in the industry to rethink this revenue stream.

Today, JAVELIN released, Mobile P2P Payments in 2015: The Growth and Adoption of Mobile Money Transfers, which examines key customer segments, devices, and operating systems to target, analysis of key market players, and the overall forecast of the mobile P2P market.

Aug 27, 2015

JAVELIN Assess Discusses Impact of False-Positive in the U.S.

San Francisco, CA, August 27, 2015: Fraud remains a serious danger in the U.S., but transactions wrongly declined due to suspected fraud — known as a “false positive” — may represent just as big a threat. Unfortunately for issuers, a false-positive decline can seriously erode customer loyalty and pushes many consumers to abandon the issuer or merchant connected with the erroneous decline. Today, JAVELIN released, Future-Proofing Card Authorization, which analyzes the prevalence of false-positive in the U.S and explore technological solutions — particularly EMV and mobile — that can help improve the relationship between consumers and the issuer or merchant.

Aug 20, 2015

JAVELIN Assess Apple Pay and Other Mobile Payment Providers as Incentive to Drive EMV Adoption

San Francisco, CA, August 20, 2015:  As the EMV chip card replaces the magnetic stripe many consumers will be reaching for their new cards at the POS. Unfortunately, deterred by equipment costs, small and micro businesses have avoided upgrading their terminals. Because of the upcoming fraud liability shift in October, failure to upgrade will leave these businesses vulnerable to fraud costs. Today, JAVELIN released its first report from its new small business practice area. The report, Small Business EMV Readiness, assesses the readiness and current state of transition of small and micro merchants to EMV.

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