JAVELIN Finds Cumbersome EMV Transaction Experience Paves the Way for Contactless Cards

San Francisco, CA, October 15, 2015:  The shift to EMV in the U.S. is happening in parallel with the emergence of mass-market mobile payment initiatives, notably Apple Pay and Android Pay. There is a growing case for the introduction of dual interface mobile payments and contactless EMV cards in the second wave of EMV card portfolio replacement to streamline the user payment experience. Today, JAVELIN released, U.S. “EMV-ification”: The Growing Case for Contactless Cards, which provides a snapshot of the state of EMV today and forecasts the timeline for EMV ubiquity, as well as the anticipated rise in contactless EMV cards.


With the tailwind provided by Apple Pay and Android Pay to motivate merchants to upgrade their POS terminals for contactless EMV transactions, virtually all EMV terminals manufactured in the past few years come with the hardware for contactless transactions at no extra cost. Javelin forecasts nearly a third of retail establishments in the U.S. will accept contactless EMV card payments by 2019.

“The first wave of EMV card issuance can be categorized as achieving maximum liability shift as quickly and cost effectively as possible within a card portfolio by replacing older mag stripe cards with new EMV contact cards. In the next wave of card issuance, Javelin believes the speed and convenience offered by contactless EMV cards could be instrumental in gaining top-of-wallet status, as well as attracting and retaining more affluent customers,” said Michael Moeser, Director of Payments, Retail and Small Business, at JAVELIN.

The report, U.S. “EMV-ification”: The Growing Case for Contactless Cards, includes survey of over 8,000 U.S. adults. This report forecasts the timeline for EMV card including EMV credit card and debit card adoptions, as well as explores a movement towards contactless EMV cards as issuers realize the opportunity for reclaiming top-of-wallet status with a faster and more user friendly experience at the point of sale.

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