As mobile banking has matured, the pace of significant change has slowed at many banks. Killer features were noticeably absent from this year’s Scorecard. That is not to say that it was a slow year for mobile banking development. Several categories saw significant progress, including Money Movement and Account Opening.

If mobile banking were a major league baseball team, this would have been a rebuilding year for the club. The tactical nips and tucks outweighed the strategic enhancements, and significant opportunities to drive greater engagement were left sitting on the bench.

Join Javelin for this year’s mobile banking highlight reel, where we’ll cover all six Scorecard categories, sharing examples of the most important changes that we saw and answering the following burning questions:

  • What mobile banking features have seen the greatest growth in the past year?
  • What critical features still see low adoption from many banks?
  • Where are mobile banking apps missing opportunities to engage users more deeply?
  • Is mobile banking navigation broken?

NOTE: This is a client ONLY Javelin Advisory Services webinar. Please use your company email address to register for the webinar. We do not accept generic email addresses, such as yahoo and gmailLess