The nation’s 82 million Baby Boomers face historically complex financial headaches. Like no generation before them, Boomers are racing to save for retirement, managing unprecedented debt loads, helping aging parents manage financial affairs from afar, seeking more effective ways to manage their financial chores, and grappling with 401(k) investments. FIs can deepen digital relationships and engagement by honing in on the features that will provide this generation a better way to bank.

Join Mark Schwanhausser and Emmett Higdon to as they identify digital features that can help meet the Boomers’ unmet financial needs.

We will discuss:

  1. Why solving problems for Boomers’ will also help future generations of digital banking users
  2. Profiles of five types of Boomers with particular needs: catch-up savers, sandwich generation Boomers, retired Boomers, debt-burdened Boomers, and Boomers grappling with the complexities of managing a self-directed retirement portfolio
  3. 84 digital banking features and key areas of focus that could relieve pain for each type of Boomer

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