Our Team


Chris Barnes
CPO/Managing Director, Escalent

Expertise: Financial Services, Public Policy, Behavioral Analytics

Chris has a deep background in the financial services market and public opinion research. He has led studies for many of the nation’s top companies in insurance, banking, wealth and health insurance sectors... more

Jacob Jegher
President, Javelin Strategy & Research

Expertise: Digital Banking, Payments, Fraud & Security

Jacob is President at Javelin Strategy & Research and a member of Escalent’s senior leadership team. He is responsible for Javelin’s overall strategy, vision, growth and product development efforts. An experienced fintech executive... more


Vaskar Das
Director of Custom Research & Operations

Expertise: Market Research Development, Methodology & Analytics

Vaskar Das leads the custom research team for Javelin. With over 13 years of supply side custom research experience, Vaskar brings strong project management and analytical skills to his custom projects.... more

Emmett Higdon
Director, Digital Banking

Expertise: Retail Banking, Digital Wallets, Mobile Banking

Emmett helps clients better understand and leverage the pivotal role that mobile technology plays in how consumers manage their financial accounts. As banking functionality seamlessly integrates... more

Tracy Kitten
Director, Fraud & Security

Expertise: Fraud , Cybersecurity

Tracy Kitten is a recognized fraud and cybersecurity subject matter expert within the financial services community... more

Marco Salazar
Director, Payments

Expertise: Payments, Alternative Payments

Marco is an experienced payments strategist and thought leader. He supports and advises, networks, issuing... more


Mark Schwanhausser
Director, Digital Banking

Expertise: Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Retail Banking, Personal Finance Management, Small Business Banking

Mark strategizes how financial institutions can track and serve customers across the channels they use, and provide a consistent, integrated brand and user experience. Mark helps banks and credit unions profitably enable customers to... more

William Trout
Director, Wealth Management

Expertise: digital wealth, wealth management

William Trout is a thought leader on North American technology strategy and innovation in the wealth and asset management industries... more

Ian Benton
Senior Analyst, Digital Banking & Payments

Expertise: Mobile Banking, Online Banking, Small Business Banking

Ian Benton focuses on the ever-evolving needs of business owners to develop strategies for digital banking and payments. Ian takes a data-driven approach to analyze... more

John Buzzard
Lead Analyst, Fraud & Security

Expertise: Fraud Management

John Buzzard is nationally recognized financial industry fraud and security expert. He has influenced the card fraud, risk and security services for financial institutions... more

Monomita Dasgupta
Sr. Analyst, Custom Research & Operations

Expertise: Market Research Development, Methodology & Analytics

Monomita is a Sr. Analyst in the Custom Research and Operations team at Javelin strategy & Research. She has 10+ years of experience in both qualitative... more

Alexander Franks

Expertise: Cybersecurity

Alexander is an analyst in Javelin’s Fraud and Security practice. He identifies emerging cybersecurity risk vectors, tracks current trends in cybersecurity... more

Red Gillen
Senior Adviser

Expertise: Retail Banking, Online Banking, Mobile Banking

Red Gillen is a Senior Adviser with Javelin’s Digital Banking and Payments practices. Throughout Red’s career, he has focused keenly on digital banking, mobile banking and payments, and health care banking... more

Daniel Gonzalez
Analyst, Wealth Management

Expertise: Wealth Management

Daniel is an Analyst in Javelin’s wealth management practice. His research focuses on wealth management trends... more

Amy Gorin
Executive Relationship Manager

Expertise: Retail Banking, Small Business Banking

Amy Gorin is a Relationship Manager at Javelin. She has over 25 years of sales and sales management experience in the financial services industry... more

Daniel Keyes
Analyst, Payments

Expertise: Payments, Alternative Payments

Daniel is an Analyst in Javelin’s payments practice. His research focuses on both consumer- and business-facing payment methods and technologies... more

Dylan Lerner
Analyst, Digital Banking

Expertise: Online Banking, Mobile Banking

Dylan Lerner provides strategic insights and consulting for the financial services industry... more

Gregory Magana
Analyst, Digital Banking

Expertise: Mobile Banking, Neobanks

Greg is an Analyst in Javelin’s digital banking practice. His research centers on how banks are adapting in an increasingly digital age, including how they’re bolstering their online and mobile banking channels,... more

Paul McCormack
Senior Adviser

Expertise: Cybersecurity, Fraud Management, Retail Banking, Small Business Banking

Paul McCormack has over 20 years of fraud, security, and compliance experience. His professional experience includes leadership roles with SunTrust Bank and Delta Air Lines. At SunTrust, he managed check, deposit, wire, ACH, bank card... more

Crystal Mendoza
Production Manager

Expertise: Operations, Marketing

Crystal Mendoza is production manager at Javelin Strategy & Research. She manages the final production of advisory services and sponsored deliverables and ensures that the processes run reliably and efficiently... more

Greg O'Gara
Lead Analyst, Wealth Management

Expertise: Digital Wealth, Wealth Management

Greg O'Gara is a research professional focusing on the North American wealth management industry. His areas of expertise include financial advisor technology, wealth management business models... more

Sandy Park
Vice President of Business Development

Expertise: Retail Banking, Small Business Banking

Sandy Park is a Vice President of Business Development where he is focused on helping clients connect strategic initiatives with research-based advisory services. Sandy works closely with senior leadership at the top U.S... more

Tejas Puranik
Senior Marketing Manager

Expertise: Operations, Marketing, Social Media, Brand Management

Tejas Puranik is an experienced marketing and public relations manager. She leads Javelin’s marketing programs and is responsible for client acquisition strategies, social media and press relations. Tejas is also responsible for marketing...more

James Quigley
Executive Relationship Manager

Expertise: Retail Banking, Small Business Banking

James Quigley is an Executive Relationship Manager at Javelin. He has been advising financial institutions in the areas of acquisition of new account holders, product and service based programs, and marketing strategy... more

Suzanne Sando
Senior Analyst, Fraud & Cybersecurity

Expertise: Cybersecurity

Suzanne is a senior analyst in Javelin's Fraud and Cybersecurity practice. She tracks trends and risks in cybersecurity, and delivers practical recommendations for fraud protection... more







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