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Leverage digital capabilities to improve customer experience and engagement

The digital world doesn’t stand still – neither does Javelin Strategy & Research. Our Digital Banking team constantly monitors the impact of market trends and emerging technologies on financial institutions and solution providers. Javelin offers two separate but related digital banking practices: Digital Strategy & Experience and Mobile & Online Banking.

Small-business rates of adoption of online and mobile banking lag far behind those of regular consumers. Banks’ small-business customers don’t see the utility and aren’t being engaged by the offerings, particularly in the mobile realm. To break...

Building Better Bill Pay: Just Do It

Javelin Report
Date: August 13, 2021
Author(s): Mark Schwanhausser
The big breakthrough in bill pay will come when banks give their customers oversight and control of bills paid through bill pay and directly at biller sites. Choosing a method for paying bills isn’t an either/or proposition for consumers—it’s a mix-...
The problem isn’t spending – it's savings. Javelin data shows consumers are comfortable with day-to-day finances but struggle to save. FIs have a major opportunity to integrate savings into their digital banking value proposition and grow their own...

Marcus and HMBradley Take Aim at ‘Lazy Money’

Javelin Report
Date: July 28, 2021
Author(s): James Lee
Savings gets the innovative makeover it deserves. Marcus and HMBradley attract digitally savvy customers with a clever framing and a select combination of metrics and tools. These neobanks use gamification to drive customers’ interaction with their...
Generating invoices and payment acceptance are two areas that present difficulties for small businesses. For banks, this is an opportunity to offer a product to create and send customizable invoices and integrate with accounts payable and accounts...
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