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Leverage digital capabilities to improve customer experience and engagement

The digital world doesn’t stand still – neither does Javelin Strategy & Research. Our Digital Banking team constantly monitors the impact of market trends and emerging technologies on financial institutions and solution providers. Javelin offers two separate but related digital banking practices: Digital Strategy & Experience and Mobile & Online Banking.

As financial institutions roll out new digital features touted as tools to help customers monitor their environmental impact and make meaningful changes, they face a host of challenges and a couple of considerable risks: Given the current quality of...

Gen Z’s Rough Start with Digital Banking

Javelin Report
Date: December 15, 2021
Author(s): Daniel Keyes
Generation Z is emerging as a major consumer segment for FIs now that they’re reaching adulthood, so FIs must take the time to understand what makes them tick. That includes examining the trends and events that influence them and understanding what...

2021 Canadian Digital Banking Scorecard

Javelin Report
Date: December 14, 2021
Author(s): Dylan Lerner
Royal Bank of Canada and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce are the big winners in Javelin Strategy & Research’s annual Canadian Digital Banking Scorecard, taking Best in Class honors in online banking and mobile banking, respectively. The...

2021 Digital Banking Platform Vendor Scorecard

Javelin Report
Date: December 2, 2021
Javelin Strategy & Research evaluated 11 vendors in its 2021 Digital Banking Platform Vendor Scorecard, identifying a “Best in Class” winner (Backbase) as well as two leaders (Apiture and Q2) and two leaders in each of three sections:...
The traditional definition of “financial relationship” has changed forever. For banks to adjust to this change and deepen their connections with customers, they will have to embrace new ways of defining those relationships, speed their evolution...
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