John  Buzzard

Lead Analyst, Fraud & Security Expertise: Fraud Management
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John Buzzard is nationally recognized financial industry fraud and security expert. He has influenced the card fraud, risk and security services for financial institutions throughout the United States through research, writing whitepapers, public speaking and consulting.

With more than twenty years of experience, John helps clients resolve problems within the areas of fraud, security and risk management. He understands the fine balance between protecting an enterprise while delivering customer experiences with reduced friction. John combines his inquisitive approach to understand the new threats that are impacting the financial services industry with actionable insights on how to mitigate the risk.

Before joining Javelin, John worked as an Industry Fraud Expert within the credit union sector. Previously, he worked for FICO and FIS. He is often consulted by industry publications and various media outlets such as NBC, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal as a subject matter expert on card skimming, consumer scams and cyber security.

John currently resides in the DC Metro area and regularly participates within the Mid Atlantic International Association of Financial Crime Investigators as well as the North West Card Association.

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