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Deliver tailored and innovative solutions to small businesses

Small businesses want the convenience of personal banking without the complexity of commercial banking. Leveraging Javelin's insights, banks and fintech providers can tailor digital banking and payments capabilities especially for this segment -- positioning themselves and their customers for success. 

This report examines the size of the Millennial-owned small business market and identifies key areas of investment that will help set up banks for success as Millennials expand their businesses and seek out more complex and profitable banking...
In this report, Javelin examines how bankers can best serve the varied needs of entrepreneurs as their businesses grow and their personal finances mature.

Innovation in Small Business Banking

Javelin Report
December 22, 2016 By: Jacob Jegher, Ian Benton
To help banks looking to give small businesses the tools they demand, this report broadens the "build, buy, or partner" model introduced in previous Javelin research to all types of feature upgrades – providing readers an innovation framework....
In this report, Javelin examines the current state of the mobile channel in handling the banking and payments tasks of small business customers, outlines eight areas of opportunity for immediate development, explores the specific roles of...
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