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Security Boulevard - “The data is proof of what we’ve long known: The full weight of identity fraud lies not only in counterfeit credit cards and magnetic stripes but in full account takeover and new account fraud. Now it’s time to elevate our...
American Banker - The volume of payments made via wearables is growing, but most of the activity is through key players like Apple and Fitbit, said Emmett Higdon, director of digital banking at Javelin Strategy & Research..
KCBS Radio - According to Fidelity National Information Services the dollar volume of attempted fraudulent transactions rose 35-percent in April from a year earlier. That trend appears to be continuing in May. 
The Wall Street Journal- Fraud is a perennial problem for banks. Fraud losses – including losses linked to credit and debit cards – cost banks, merchants and, in some cases, cardholders $16.9 billion last year, up 15% from a year prior and the...
Security Boulevard - According to 2017 study conducted by Javelin Research, more than 1 million children had their identities stolen, and 66% of victims were under the age of 8.
Bankrate - “Lenders aren’t making the same kinds of subprime loans that they did during the run-up to the Great Recession. The biggest reason is regulatory issues.” - Austin Kilgore, director of digital lending


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