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KCBS Radio - According to Fidelity National Information Services the dollar volume of attempted fraudulent transactions rose 35-percent in April from a year earlier. That trend appears to be continuing in May. 
The Wall Street Journal- Fraud is a perennial problem for banks. Fraud losses – including losses linked to credit and debit cards – cost banks, merchants and, in some cases, cardholders $16.9 billion last year, up 15% from a year prior and the...
Security Boulevard - According to 2017 study conducted by Javelin Research, more than 1 million children had their identities stolen, and 66% of victims were under the age of 8.
Bankrate - “Lenders aren’t making the same kinds of subprime loans that they did during the run-up to the Great Recession. The biggest reason is regulatory issues.” - Austin Kilgore, director of digital lending


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