Join Javelin for this year’s mobile banking highlight reel, where we’ll cover all six Scorecard categories, sharing examples of the most important changes that we saw.

Seven Ways to Reinvent Paying Bills for the Mobile Era

Webinar: Client Login Required
October 2018
Presenter(s): Mark Schwanhausser
Javelin outlines conceivable and achievable bill pay innovations that are critical to consolidating bill pay relationships at the consumer’s primary FI, particularly in the mobile era.
Today, consumers in the U.S. own nearly 870 million “Internet of things” devices, ranging from sophisticated virtual assistants to internet-connected lightbulbs, many of which already have payment or banking capabilities. However, while this offers...

Mobile Wallet Wars: How to Increase Your Customer Loyalty

Webinar: Client Login Required
September 2018
Presenter(s): Krista Tedder, Rachel Huber
Join Javelin as we discuss how financial institutions can benefit from focusing on loyalty and rewards programs to increase brand loyalty and gain top of wallet share.
Join two of Javelin’s directors of Digital Banking as they explore the intersections between the channels, highlighting where banks have made the most progress and where significant gaps remain.

Winning the Underbanked: The Long-Term Opportunity in Short-Term Lending

Webinar: Client Login Required
June 2018
Presenter(s): Al Pascual
Payday loans play a vital role in the lives of many consumers who don’t have the cash reserves to cover an emergency expense. They are especially popular with underbanked consumers. However, they are expensive with APRs ranging from 300-750% and can...
Even as identity fraud reaches new highs in the US, the identity protection market is facing new struggles in satisfying users, pointing to the need for IDPS providers to reevaluate how they serve subscribers. Rapidly evolving digital fraud schemes...
P2P mobile payments have evolved and are now being used as a foundational block to build out a multi-product consumer relationship. As a result, basic P2P functionality is now table stakes and offering a compelling mobile app has never been more...
Small business owners have traditionally exhibited high degrees of satisfaction with, and loyalty to, their primary bank. But adoption of online and mobile banking and rapid proliferation of credit options are changing how business owners think...
As account opening continues to transition from physical to digital channels, financial institutions, issuers, lenders, and other organizations must optimize the digital experience of applicants in order to compete. At the same time, fraud is on...


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